Our Coaching Process Gets Results

Like successful athletes, high performance leadership requires disciplined focus and mastery.  The most effective leaders get coached.

Our proven coaching methodology combines insights in neuroscience, organizational development, and training.  Our seasoned coaches bring real world leadership experience.

Executive Coaching – Senior leaders must bring together other seasoned leaders to create and execute on a strategy and build a culture that gets results.  We work with executives to assess individual development opportunities, coach in one on one individual sessions, where we support you in new approaches that significantly increase your influence and executive presence.  We use various methods to assess, such as our proprietary Influential Executive 360 Assessment

Next Level Leader Coaching – With vast experience in leadership development, we are often brought in to support leaders in getting to the next level, whether it be helping one pursue a director or VP role, or even move up from an individual contributor to a managers role.  Our process builds personal influence, creates more trust, and develops competence in leading other individuals and teams.

Team Coaching – We excel in helping people coach each other, and building team environments where people hold each other accountable for demonstrating specific behaviors and getting results.  Here, we meet at regular intervals (i.e., monthly or quarterly) in virtual or in person sessions.  Individuals leave with specific actions to apply on the job.