The Influential Executive 360 Assessment™ provides a tool to understand the skills, behaviors, and practices that are demonstrated by effective and influential chief executives and other C-suite leaders.  Through anonymous structured interviews and web-based methods, the executive receives feedback from key stakeholders on key strengths and opportunities for development.  The executive works with an experienced executive coach to process the feedback and create a specific and focused executive development plan for immediate impact.  

The Influential Executive 360 Assessment™ identifies three broad categories: 

  • External Adaptation – An executive must understand and maintain relationships with those whom the company serves. This involves creating a strategy for future success, understanding global opportunities and threats, responding to change, collaborating with customers and other stakeholders. We assess strategy, global awareness, and the quality of your external relationships.
  • Executive Presence – Each leader brings a different character, communication style, and level of emotional competence that can help or hinder success. Becoming aware of one’s own strengths and development areas builds trust and influence. Character, communication, and emotional intelligence all contribute to your presence and credibility. 
  • Internal Integration – All organizations are perfectly aligned to get the results that they get. An executive must integrate internal systems and processes that most effectively create value and efficiently utilize resources.  Creating a culture, leading people, and operational excellence are all required to drive results. 

Influential Executive Competency Framework

Each of the three categories will have a set of four competencies, followed by specific “behavioral anchors” which describe specific and measurable behaviors. The Influential Executive 360 Assessment™ has a total of 48 “behavioral anchors” from which the executive can self-assess and gather anonymous feedback from peers, direct reports, and other colleagues to leverage strengths and focus on areas for growth and development. 

Although organizations might differ on which competencies are more important, our research and experience has captured these best practices of successful executives across industries worldwide.   

The Influential Executive 360 Assessment™ is available to assess CEOs, C-Suite executives, and those considered for succession.    

  • As the executive, you determine with your organization the key stakeholders to provide anonymous feedback.
  • Our executive coaching firm gathers and analyzes feedback and prepares a summary report.
  • The executive coach meets with the executive for an interpretation session and to identify 3 areas of focus for further development.
  • The executive coach and executive determine next steps of discussing feedback and development plans with others in the organization.

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