Building Your Influence

The Influential Leadership Series  is designed for anyone responsible for getting work done through others, whether it be through individuals, groups, or entire organizations.  This includes managers, directors, supervisors, and leads.  Although designed as a comprehensive series delivered over time, you may also select individual or combined topics to fit your organization’s unique needs. 

The Influential Leadership Series provides a total of 12 modules, with each module in a 3-4-hour format, and available in shorter webinar formats.  The series is designed in three parts: 

  1. Leading Self                 Building My Influence, Knowing My Preferred Work Style, Authentic Conversations
  2. Leading Individuals   Coaching Others, Providing Feedback, Delegating, Prioritizing, and Creating Accountability
  3. Leading Groups          Developing Effective Teams, Productive Conflict, Collaborative Discussions, Leading Change

Part One: Leading Self

Leading requires awareness of our preconceived ideas of leadership, of how we prefer to behave at work, how we respond to stress, and how we dialogue with others. This knowledge helps us clarify our own barriers of becoming influential leaders and develop strategies that rapidly increase our ability to influence others. Part 1, Leading Self, explores ways to increase our own influence and understand evidence-based skills of what it takes to lead in today’s complex organizations. 

  • Module 1:   My Influence:  Increasing my Personal Influence and Overcoming Barriers
  • Module 2:   My Style at Work: My Motivators, Stress Creators, and Preferred Style 
  • Module 3:  Self-Management:  Managing My Emotional Responses and Setting Priorities
  • Module 4   Authentic Conversations:  Coming Out from Behind Yourself for Real Dialogue @ Work

This section includes Everything DiSC Workplace in Module 2, with material licensed through Wiley Publishing.  

Part Two:  Leading Individuals

The work of a leader is getting results through people.  This begins with one-on-one interactions with individuals who want to be fulfilled and do meaningful work. In organizations, a leader must align individuals to the organization’s goals while helping them achieve their own personal goals. Part 2, Leading Individuals, provides proven skills to coach, delegate, give feedback, and teach people to hold themselves accountable, focusing on the one-on-one interactions. 

  • Module 5:  Creating a Culture of Accountability:  How We Hold Ourselves – And Others – Accountable
  • Module 6:  Giving and Receiving Feedback:  Affirming and Guiding Others to Optimal Results
  • Module 7:  The Leader as Coach:  Evidence-Based Coaching to Develop Self-Reliant Problem Solvers
  • Module 8:   The Art of Delegation:  Empowering Others for Results

This section may also include Introduction to Situational Leadership II, the most widely used leadership model in the world. Additional charges apply to purchase licensed material.  Situational Leadership II, developed by The Ken Blanchard Organization, provides a proven framework for engaging and leading others to get optimal results.  

Part Three:  Leading Groups

We leverage our influence and get much more done through effective teams.  Like families, teams often demonstrate dysfunctional patterns that are difficult to overcome. Productive and engaged teams demonstrate predictable behaviors and practices that allow them to far outperform others. And they are fun. Part 3, Leading Groups, provides leaders with the more complex skills of influencing teams to set priorities, handle conflict, build trust, hold each other accountable, and get the results they desire. 

  • Module 9:  Teams that Get Results: Behaviors and Practices of High Performing Groups
  • Module 10: Productive Conflict:  How to Get Groups “Unstuck” and Manage Conflict Conversations
  • Module 11: Collaborative Problem Solving: Facilitating Groups to Solve Problems and Make Decisions
  • Module 12: Change and Transition:  Dealing with Resistance to Organizational Change

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