The Influential Leadership Series™  – Virtual or In Person

With 25 years of practical experience in instructional design and facilitation, we’ve put together 12 of the most frequently requested topics, designed to be delivered as short web-based modules or as a comprehensive classroom solution.  These 12 topics are designed as individual modules which can be delivered alone. Some clients, however, will deliver the entire series over time.

Leading Self – In order to lead others, one must understand their own strengths, weaknesses, motivators, and stressors.  Without self-assessment and feedback from others, we don’t know how others perceive us and we all have blind spots.  Our Leading Self modules help you self-assess, manage your own emotional responses, and have more authentic conversations with others.

  1. Leading with Influence: Getting Results Through Others
  2. DiSC: My Motivators, Stressors, and Preferred Style
  3. Self-Management: Managing My Emotional Responses
  4. Authentic Conversations: More Effective Dialogue at Work

Leading Individuals – Managers spend much of their time giving direction, providing feedback, encouraging, handling conflict, delegating, and managing the performance of others.  Our modules significant accelerate your learning and competence.

  1. Online Situational Leadership II (SLII)
  2. Giving and Receiving Feedback
  3. Coaching to Develop Self-Reliant Problem Solvers
  4. The Art of Delegation: Empowering Others for Results

Leading Groups – Complex business problems require us to work in groups, collaborating and listening to others to get things done.  Yet groups are like families, all dysfunctional to a certain degree.  Our approach helps identify team/group dysfunctions, clarify roles and responsibilities, handle conflict, and build a culture of accountability.

  1. Leading Teams that Get Results
  2. Productive Conflict: How to Get Groups “Unstuck”
  3. Collaborative Problem Solving: Facilitating Groups to Solve Problems and Make Decisions
  4. Change and Transition: Managing the Cultural and Emotional Aspects of Change

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