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Our Leadership Development Solutions

The Influential Leadership Series™

With 25 years of practical experience in instructional design and facilitation, we’ve put together 12 of the most frequently requested topics, designed to be delivered in 1-1.5 hour increments or as a comprehensive classroom solution.  These 12 topics are designed as individual modules which can be delivered alone. Some clients, however, will deliver the entire series over time.

The Influential Leadership Series focuses in three key areas:

Leading Self

Understanding ourselves is key to success. It is important to know how we prefer to behave at work, how we manage our emotional responses, and what we do that increases or decreases our influence. In this section, we understand how to build trust and recognize that each individual is different and we must appreciate their diversity. Leaders will also recognize how their tone and non-verbal communication impacts their influence, and learn ways to be better listeners with empathy.

Leading Individuals

So much of a leader’s time involves one-on-one communication with subordinates who want clarity, appreciation, and fairness. They want to develop their skills and know that their leader trust them to do their jobs. Being a situational leader means demonstrating the right amount of direction and support for others to thrive. Leaders will learn how to give feedback, provide coaching, and delegate to others in ways that gets engagement and results.

Leading Groups

Everyone wants to be empowered; but empowerment without alignment leads to chaos. Aligning groups of people with a vision and clear direction is not easy, and getting them to trust each other and work together requires leaders that can guide a team to success. Here we will identify five key behaviors for functioning teams, learn an effective process for collaborative problem solving, help teams work through conflict situations, and support others through the emotional aspects of change.

Individual Modules in The Influential Leadership Series™:

  1. Leading With Influence: Getting Results Through Others
  2. Leading With Diversity: Understanding and Appreciating our Differences
  3. Emotional Intelligence: Managing My Emotional Responses
  4. Authentic Conversations: More Effective Dialogue at Work
  5. SL-II Concepts: The World’s Most Popular Leadership Model (Ken Blanchard)
  6. Giving and Receiving Feedback: Affirming and Guiding for Optimal Results
  7. The Leader as Coach: Developing Self-Reliant Problem Solvers
  8. The Art of Delegation: Empowering Others for Results
  9. Leading Teams: Five Behaviors of High Performing Groups
  10. Productive Conflict: How to Get Unstuck and Manage Conflict Conversations
  11. Collaborative Problem Solving: Facilitating Groups to Get to Better Decisions
  12. Change and Transition: Managing the Cultural and Emotional Aspects of Change

Other Offerings

  • The SL-II Experience, The Ken Blanchard Companies: The most widely used leadership model in the world.
  • The Five Behaviors and Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Wiley)
  • Everything DiSC (Wiley)
  • Agility EQ Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Servant Leadership
  • The Theory and Practice of Mediation; National Conflict Resolution Center

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