Leadership Development

We have been in the field of adult learning since 1990.  Our team consists of professionals that not only develop leaders, but have also been executives, directors, and supervisors ourselves.  We deliver both cost-effective and fully developed programs that require no customization, and customized in-house programs to meet your unique culture and needs.  Our international experience allows us to appreciate and lead today’s uniquely diverse workforce.   Although most of our clients prefer on-site classroom training, we also provide blended web-based approaches. 

We work with these audiences: 

  • Senior Executives, seeking to be more visionary, provide clearer direction and inspiration, and create a culture that gets results.
  • Mid-Level Managers and Directors, needing to influence up, down, and across silos, lead teams, and manage more complexity.
  • First-Level Managers or Supervisors, desiring to get results through better communication, coaching, feedback, and handling conflict.
  • High Potential Young Professionals and Project Leads, seeking to be more collaborative influential even without authority

Influential Leadership Series™ –  Twelve modules that are designed for anyone responsible for getting work done through others, whether it be through individuals, groups, or entire organizations.  Although designed as a comprehensive series delivered over time, you may also select individual or combined topics to fit your organization’s unique needs. 

Situational Leadership II – The most widely used leadership model in the world, designed by Ken Blanchard.  This program creates more engaged employees through effective diagnosing of development needs and demonstrating the proper use of direction and support to rapidly accelerate ones success and fulfillment.  

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team – Move your team through various stages of development in order to build trust, manage conflict, demonstrate accountability, and get desired results.

Everything DiSC – As authorized partners, we provide facilitation of the entire suite of Everything DiSC assessments for team development and individual coaching.    

Big Picture Simulation – For large groups (minimum of 20), The Big Picture is a highly interactive and fun business simulation that illustrates the challenges of complexity and competing priorities, while trying to lead effective teams and respond to changing customer demands.  

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Other Popular Topics – These are provided as stand-alone modules or as part of the comprehensive Influential Leadership Series: 

  • Building Influence: Increasing My Personal and Professional Influence
  • Authentic Conversations: Coming Out From Behind Ourselves for Real Conversations
  • The Art of Delegation: Empowering Others for Results
  • The Leader as Coach: Evidence-Based Coaching to Develop Self-Reliant Problem Solvers
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback: Affirming and Guiding Others to Optional Results
  • Creating A Culture of Accountability:  How We Hold Ourselves and Others Accountable
  • Productive Conflict:  How to Get Groups “Unstuck” and Manage Conflict Conversations
  • Collaboration:  Facilitating Groups to Solve Problems and Make Better Decisions
  • Change and Transition:  Dealing with Resistance to Organizational Change
To learn more, contact us at (858) 414-2660. or schedule an appointment at https://meetme.so/CalebConsultingOpenCoaching