This is a period where you’re going to disrupt or be disrupted.  John Chambers, Chairman Emeritus and Former CEO, Cisco Systems

Organizational Development Solutions

Organizational Development practitioners are uniquely equipped to help leaders assess their current situation, facilitate change, and make informed decisions. We collaborate with you to enhance your systems with inclusive methodologies such as strategy, culture, leadership, change, performance management, coaching, and work-life balance.

Within your unique context, we bring a tool kit of research and practical experience in which you can be confident.  Some of our solutions:

5 Steps for Leading in Uncertainty and Minimizing Disruption During the COVID-19 Return to Work Era – We are currently collaborating with Eastridge Workforce Solutions, with input from Illumina, to share research, best practices, and methods already applied to address immediate issues in a COVID-19 world. Receive your free e-book:

Assessments – Diagnose before your prescribe. Research before action. Too often, impatient leads us to try and solve a problem that does not exist or focus on the wrong core issue. Sometimes, assessment means a simple “pulse” survey of current perceptions, or something more formal. Our assessment suite includes:

  • Organizational Pulse Survey, designed for a quick read of your organization’s strengths or development areas. We gather perceptions of your strategy, systems, people, values, and accountability. We share data and collaborate with you to take specific, intentional actions to improve your organization’s effectiveness.
  • Shared Values Assessments identify how those in your organization are living and driving the behaviors and practices you expect to get desired results. We customize an assessment with your existing values, or collaborate with you to identify those values or behaviors you want to measure and make explicit.
  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, a highly popular tool that looks at a specific team’s current behaviors that drive trust, conflict management, ability to make commitments, mutual accountability, and focus on collective results. We work with the team to take specific actions that enhance team effectiveness.
  • 360 Feedback – Please see solutions on our Leadership Development and Coaching pages that highlight our solutions to obtain specific feedback for leaders at all levels.

Leading Change and Transition – Most change efforts in organizations fail to achieve their desired objectives.  Managing the process of change and recognizing emotional responses to transition is an important but often overlooked skill.  We provide methods to equip leaders with change management competencies to increase the chance of success during change.

Strategic Planning – The old cliché is true that people don’t plan to fail, but they do fail to plan.  Senior leaders are responsible for creating a vision with clear goals and assessing the environment in which they operate.  Our process is designed to engage your leadership team in creating a high-level vision, key priorities, actions, and a communication plan to align and engage employees.

Building Organizational Culture –  Study the most successful organizations and you will find enlightened leaders who understand the importance of creating a vibrant culture.  A culture exists whether you appreciate it or not, but since businesses have enough risks to deal with, why not be intentional and create a culture designed to drive behaviors to get your desired results and increase success?

Cohesive Executive Team Development – According to Patrick Lencioni, founder of The Table Group and author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the most important obsession of an executive is to create a cohesive executive leadership team built upon trust, the ability to handle conflict, make commitments, demonstrate accountability, and driving others toward collective results.  We accelerate your executive team’s development in an interactive, engaging, and collaborative manner.

Performance Management – “I love our company’s performance management process.” Said no one, ever!Companies often have a process that  HR has to push, is poorly executed by managers, and hated by employees.  Effective performance management is when you hear, “I created clear goals in collaboration with my manager, received immediate and precise feedback regularly, with no surprises at the end of the year. “  We help you align your performance management plan to your culture with a streamlined process to achieve desired results.