Organizational Development

Our methods help leaders understand organizational strengths and weaknesses, lead people through complex change, and create the culture you intend. The Caleb Consulting Group brings over 20 years of experience and post-graduate education in the field of organizational development.  Some of our processes include:

Meeting Facilitation

We provide exceptional process facilitation for leadership meetings, helping you define meeting objectives and holding attendees accountable for behaviors and actions.

Organizational Assessments

We help you assess your current strategy, structure, culture, engagement, and perceptions of leadership, giving you a report to take specific action.

Strategic Visioning and Planning

We work with your senior leadership team in creating a plan that everyone buys in to; with a compelling vision, clear vision, meaningful core values, and strategic priorities.

Organizational Culture

Where many focus on technical problems to solve, we help you recognize that if you don’t intentionally create your culture, your culture will create you. We help you identify intentional
behaviors and practices that create a culture that gets the results you desire.

Third-Party Conflict Resolution

Sometimes, parties can’t get through an issue and need someone with mediation skills. Our approach focuses the discussion on effective behaviors and practices to move individuals forward in a more respectful manner.

To learn more about Organizational Development contact The Caleb Consulting Group or Rodney Jackson at or call (858) 414-2660.