Client Comments

Partial Client List

  • Life Technologies
  • Applied Bio-Systems
  • Genentech / Roche
  • A-Life Medical
  • ABS Consulting
  • Solana Beach Presbyterian Church
  • Project Concern International

“Over the past 10 months Caleb Consulting has facilitated 4 Leadership Offsite meetings for us, over a total of 10 days. During these meetings we developed our Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Imperatives. We also developed and implemented a new performance management process. Rodney was a great collaborator and did excellent work on all of these engagements. We’re looking forward to doing more work with him in the future on 360 degree feedback.”

“We engaged The Caleb Consulting Group to coach 4 of my direct reports. Rodney and I developed a very good rapport and after this initial set of coaching, we engaged him to work with another 2 sets of colleagues with very specific coaching needs. I was very satisfied with Rodney’s work, particularly the level of interaction I had with him throughout the process.”

-Bill Keogh, President, EQECAT

“Rodney’s work enabled development of the organization’s operating infrastructure, improvement of the leadership team, management of human resources and finance, coaching and advising of senior executives, and implementation of a new performance management system.  Rodney delivered successfully on all of these aspects of his charter, within record time.  He re-aligned positions, established functioning teams to support operations, designed and implemented a compensation structure, established efficiencies via outsourced operational activities, designed and implemented a performance management system,  delivered sorely needed management and staff training and participated in a complete change to the exisiting governance model and process.”

-Judy Enns, Executive Vice President, HR Solutions

“Rodney has an excellent background in training. He is an expert in designing training programs and thinks creatively to understand and meet the company’s needs. Rodney is a knowledgeable and engaging instructor and meeting facilitator. He understands his client’s needs and limitations and partners to deliver a superior product and service. He works well under pressure and in challenging situations. I would highly recommend Rodney.”

-Monique Carlson, Sales Development Lead, Life Technologies

“Rodney was a facilitator for a group exercise called “The Big Picture”. This exercise helps teams understand the importance of listening, communication and collaboration, among other things.”

-Colleen Petersen, Vice President, Learning and Development

“Rodney led a transformational initiative to realign our North American sales organization, including the downsizing and guiding of leaders to rise to the challenge of making difficult decisions. It was Rodney’s strong project management, change management, coaching, communications, and OD skills coupled with a strong discipline for execution that allowed him to lead the organization to successful transition.”

-Laurel Marshall, VP, Human Resources, HP

“I have hired Rodney for multiple organizational development projects such as team dynamics, skills set assessment and individual coaching, and would hire him again. Rodney is a personable professional who can readily adapt his style to any organization’s and get results.”

-Valerie Junger, VP, Human Resources, Space Systems Loral 

“Rodney is a person of integrity and authenticity, working hard at building honest and trusting relationships at all levels of the organization. Rodney is also a trusted advisor and coach, helping senior staff adjust to new systems of goals setting, financial planning and performance management.”

-Mike McClenehan, Senior Pastor and Head of Staff, Solana Beach Presbyterian Church

“Rodney has a gift for coaching and developing leaders- he is able to transfer skills and give others the confidence and conviction to lead courageously. I highly recommend Rodney, based upon his skills, experience, delivery of results, and work ethic. I trust him implicitly to independently lead, take charge of initiatives, resourcefully pull together information and materials required, network and develop collaborative team relations and achieve superior results.”

-Laurel Marshall, VP of Human Resources

“Rodney Jackson and his organization have been working with me as a trusted advisor and business consultant for over 4 years. Rodney has a deep skill set that has allowed me to improve the performance of my teams. He has strong project management skills and has been an excellent coach, not only for my direct reports, but for me as well.”

-Senior Vice President