Quite simply, our Four Quarter Coaching Process gets results. We only work with individuals who are motivated to grow, willing to collaborate, open to feedback, and hold themselves accountable for taking action. Organizations partner with us to identify and develop individuals with potential to go to the next level.

The Four Quarter Coaching Process is built on the belief that we can significantly increase our influence at any level. Alignment of our individual skills and motivations with organizational requirements leads to success. We are all unique, with skills, talents, and passions. Once we understand what drives us, and we understand the organization in which we operate, we are often able to unleash our influence in very powerful ways.

The Four Quarter Coaching Process

Each coaching engagement is tailored to organizational and individual needs, yet most engagements follow a process with four quarters or “phases”:

  • Quarter One: Alignment
    We work with organizations and individuals to define what success will look like at the end of
    the coaching engagement; we establish agreements of the role of the coach, the one receiving
    coaching, and the resources required by the organization.
  • Quarter Two: Assessment
    We use a variety of instruments to assess individual strengths, motivations, and development
    needs. This usually involves 360-feedback and various personality and strength assessment
    instruments. It also involves confidential structured interviews with key individuals that one works
  • Quarter Three: Action
    We identify specific actions that lead to transformational and incremental change. We define
    ways to measure success as well as specific timelines. Action may include on the job activities,
    training classes, and further coaching/feedback.
  • Quarter Four: Accountability
    The formal coaching engagement comes to a close and we measure progress to baseline
    expectations through final feedback and assessment. We identify those things that have
    changed and where the individual needs further development.