Human Resources Services

Our team of professionals bring over 30 years of practical human resources and organizational development experience at the executive, director, and manager level.

  • HR Assessment
    We can conduct an assessment of your human resources function to ensure alignment with business needs. Our professionals will identify and recommend strategic and tactical steps you can take to build your HR capability.
  • Performance Management Design and Training
    We have successfully designed and implemented integrated performance management systems that align organizational culture and direction and individual goals and objectives. We’ll ensure you are able to use the latest web technology for ease of use and world-wide implementation. Your analytics will be in one easy place to help you make decisions.
  • Competency Design and Development
    Our consultants bring organizational development expertise to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for success in a given role. We will assess your needs through interviews and focus groups to validate what is most critical for business success. Once created, we can assist in creating a plan to communicate and implement your competency model for hiring, managing performance, and developing your people.
  • Development and Training
    See Leadership Development and Coaching
  • 360-Feedback Design and Implementation
    See also Coaching. The Caleb Consulting Group brings years of experience in the design and implementation of 360-degree feedback systems for individuals and entire organizations.
  • Employee Investigations
    Our HR professionals have experience investigating a variety of situations that require discretion and experience; this includes, but is not limited to: sexual harassment, employee misconduct, financial irregularities, wrongful termination, and discrimination.
  • Termination and Outplacement
    We can assist you with the difficult individual terminations or design consistent policies and methodologies for involuntary terminations. We will help you assess your risks and ensure these difficult actions are handled with the utmost care. We’ll help you identify options for severance and outplacement decisions.