Strategic Planning

The Caleb Consulting Group provides custom solutions to help you design, communicate, and implement your strategy or manage through the complexity of change.

Senior leadership teams face greater complexity each day. Senior leadership requires establishing a clear vision and direction that people understand and are willing to engage and participate. We use proven methodologies to:

  • Clarify organizational mission, vision, and values
  • Identify and communicate organizational imperatives
  • Establish internal systems that build and measure human capability
  • Assess strengths and weakness of your organization’s capability

Change Management

Leaders often underestimate the complexity and impact that change has on organizations and individuals.
Unfortunately, most change efforts fail to achieve their intended objectives. For change to succeed,
individuals impacted by the change must fully engage and buy in to the process. Our consultants provide
the expertise you need to navigate through the complexity of change management. We assist you in:

  • Defining the future you intend and create a successful communication strategy
  • Identifying the business drivers for the change and expected ROI
  • Equipping leadership sponsors to successfully implement the change
  • Building a guiding coalition to drive commitment and engagement
  • Driving accountability and create clear measures of success
  • Dealing with resistance inevitable in any change effort